Graphics & Gameplay Programmer


From Northern Ireland. Living in London.

BSc Computer Games Modelling and Animation (1st Class)

Graphics & Gameplay Programmer at Dominic Harris

Mickey & Minnie

Made for Dominic Harris, a Disney licensed artwork consisting of 8 unique scenes for both Mickey and Minnie. It is a fully networked masterpiece, with characters traversing their world and responding to gestures and touch input.

I developed a powerful animation system which was the base for all character animations. It allowed the characters to interact over a network and their bones to be blended for responsive feedback with the player.

Final Project

Made with Unreal Engine 4 and 3dsMax for DES509 and to conclude my studies.

A machinima with crowd systems, an awesome interiorprocedural textures and animated machinery.

I have detailed every step of the design and development process, its a good read!


Where I see myself

I am currently working with Dominic Harris to produce interactive artworks. Large artworks until recently were powered by Unity but a new focus has shifted my skill set to Unreal. Utilizing cutting edge hardware, I am given artistic freedom to bring scenes to life whilst maximizing performance. I work almost exclusively as an under the hood programmer but also work closely with the artists and animators, delegating tasks and overseeing the importation of animations. Recent projects have sent me a journey deep into the graphics card; weather systems, animal systems all running through compute shaders.

I am the perfect bridge between the art and programming teams and believe the blog written alongside my final project fully depicts what I am capable of. I am the Graphics Programmer!.



Unreal Development

After switching to Unreal from Unity, I have worked on some really interesting projects some of which still cannot be disclosed. One scene half underwater and half above water required a waterline. This was challenging. Another scene entirely underwater had 16K fish traversing the environment. A third scene consisted of spawning butterflies in one shape before revealing another when scattered.

Unreal Plugin to allow for Compute Shader Development

Conversion of Unity Compute Shader systems to Unreal. No out of the box support for compute shaders from Unreal.

Shaders and Niagara

Niagara was used to read texture data to drive mesh particle systems with data built from compute shaders.

Compute Systems

Modular boid, flocking, distance field, texture combining, wave and spline systems.


Education & Experience


Sept. 2013 – Jun. 2017
Ulster University

BSci with First Class Honours in Computer Games, Modelling and Animation.
Distinction in industrial placement.
Field Of Study: Computing and Engineering

Some of the languages I worked with:

C# – Unity

C++/BluePrints – Unreal Engine 4



Grey literature:

The impact of web technology in multimedia games development


Jun. 2014 – Mar. 2018
Tascomi Ltd.

Responsible for ensuring data integrity of local and central government databases, revamping front end and handling bug support requests.

Some of the languages I worked with:

Brief overview of my role:
Full Stack Web Developer
Data Engineer


Mar. 2018 – Present
Dominic Harris

Boid, Flocking, Distance Field, Wave and spline compute shaders driving 16K fish on a 2080. Worked with MoCap and gesture recognition for an interaction Disney artwork.

Some of the languages I worked with:

Brief overview of my role:
Unreal C++ & Compute Shader Developer
Unity Developer (previously)


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